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Specification(CrystalDiskInfo 6.5.2) anchor.png

SeriesDiamondMax 16
ModelMaxtor 4R080L0
Disk Size81.9 GB (8.4/81.9/81.9/81.9)
Buffer Size2048 KB
Queue Depth1
# of Sectors160086528
Rotation Rate5400 RPM
InterfaceParallel ATA
Major VersionATA/ATAPI-7
Minor VersionATA/ATAPI-7 T13 1532D version 0
Transfer ModeUDMA/133 / UDMA/133 (?)
FeaturesS.M.A.R.T., APM, AAM, 48bit LBA
APM Level0000h [OFF]
AAM LevelC0C0h [ON]

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